ICGMA Gold Cross Award

Recipients of 2021


Crossover Artist...Chris Golden

Group of The Year...The Reed Brothers

Bluegrass Artist... The Waymasters

Duo of The Year...James Payne and Bruce Haynes

Male Horizon Artist...Don Stiles

Radio Station....Christian Servant Radio

Band of The Year...Bill Baker and Country 3:16

Song Writer...Chuck Hancock

Instrumentalist...Chris Golden

Male Vocalist...Mike Walker

Song of The Year..."We Need A move Of God" by James Payne and Bruce Haynes

ICGMA Award of Excellence...Ava Kasich

Female Horizon Artist...Donna Kilmurray

Album of The Year...In His Time by Pam Blackstock

Video of The Year... My God Made That by Heather Thomas VanDeren

Female Gold Cross of the Year...Heather Thomas VanDeren

Producer of The Year...Chuck Hancock

Bob Wilson Radio Personality of The Year...Kevin & Rachelle Nelson (Sonshine Road)

Promoter...Tommy Smith

TV Show...Huckabee Show

Gold Cross Male Artist...Michael Knight

Female Vocalist...Pam Blackstock

Comedian of The Year... Bob Courtney (Pastor Pudge)

Living Legend ...Tommy Frizzell

Joe Paul Nichols Lifetime Achievement Award...John Webster

Presidents Award... Susan Manion


Award winners

 ICGMA Awards & Convention 

Congratulations to All Nominees and

Winners of ICGMA 2020 Awards !


Duo ~ TerryandDebra Luna

Male Horizon~ Bill Baker

Radio Station of the Yr ~ Heavens Country

Crossover ~ Barbara Fairchild

Group of Yr~ The Tiptons

Bluegrass Group~ The Waymasters

Band of the Yr~ The Waymasters

Top Songwriter~ Mike Owen

Instrumentalist ~ Chris Golden

Producer ~ Chuck Hancock

Song of Yr ~ James Payne

Male Vocalist ~ Michael Knight

Female Horizon~ Pam Blackstock

Album ~ Dan Duncan

Video of Yr~ Michael Knight

Gold Cross Female~ Donna Morgan

Award of Excellency ~ Mike & Doris King Merritt

Bob Wilson Radio Personality ~ Greg Dodson

Promoter~ Tommy Smith

TV Show ~ Webster Brothers

Male Gold Cross Award~ Michael Knight

Female Vocalist ~ Heather Van Deren

Comedian ~ Ozark Nelson

Living Legend ~ Joy D Roberts

Joe Paul Nichols Lifetime Achievement Award ~ Barbara Fairchild

Congrats to all the winners and top ten nominees!!!


Award winners

 ICGMA Awards & Convention 


Female Horizon Heather Van Deren,

Male HorizonMichael Knight,

Crossover Artist - Chris Golden,

Duo of the YearTerryandDebra Luna,

Band of the YearKevin Roweand the Prodigal Sons,

SongwriterJames Payne,

Group of the Year - The Tiptons,

Song of the Year - I Seen His Picture/ Bryon Hildreth,

InstrumentalistDirk Johnson,

Living LegendGene Reasoner,

Comedian - Aaron Wilburn,

Female VocalistTina Wakefield,

Male Vocalist John Webster,

Award of Excellence - Reed Brothers,

Gold Cross Female Artist - Gena Roberts Hamilton,

Gold Cross Male ArtistBuddy Gore,

Bluegrass Artist - Sonshine Road,

TV Show - Mary Fay Jackson with Texas Country Gospel,

Album of the Year - Smokey MTN Gospel Vol 2 - Waymasters,

Joe Paul Nichols AwardJoy D Roberts,

Hall of Fame Buddy and Ina Delozier Gore


Congrats to all the winners and top ten nominees!!!