Hall of Fame

We at ICGMA salute those persons who in Serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, have contributed so much to our industry!

Man Playing Guitar
Walt Mills.png

    Walt Mills  

Judy DeRamus.png

    Judy DeRamus 

Kenny Hinson.png

Kenny Hinson

The Jordanieres.png

The Jordanieres

Dan Duncan.png

Dan Duncan

Del Way.png

Del Way

Chuck Wagon Gang.png

Chuck Wagon Gang

Stuart Hamblen.png

Stuart Hamblen

Bob Wilson.png

Bob Wilson

Bruce Haynes.jpg

Bruce Haynes

Barry Wayne.png

Barry Wayne

The Issacs.png

The Issacs

Chuck Hancock.png

Chuck Hancock

David Patillo.png

David Patillo

Chuck Day.png

Chuck Day

DR. W. Lindsey Thompson.png

The Bales Brothers

Billy Holcomb.png

Billy Holcomb

David L. Cook.png

David L. Cook

Gene Breeden.png

Gene Breeden

Dr. Harry Yates.png

Dr. Harry Yates

Barbara Fairchild.png

Barbara Fairchild

David Ingles.png

David Ingles

Gayle Earlene.png

Gayla Earlene

Marijohn Wilkin.png

Marijohn Wilkin

Billy Walker.png

Billy Walker

Benny Ray Wood.png

Dr. W. Lindsey Thompson

Dr. Terry Davis.png

Dr. Terry Davis

Doyle Dukes.png

Doyle Dykes

Dirk Johnson.png

Dirk Johnson

Porter Wagoner.png

Porter Wagoner

Kent Holloway.png

Kent Holloway

Mary Fay Jackson.png

Mary Fay Jackson

The Bales Brothers.png

Benny Ray Wood

Jimmy Fautheree.png

Jimmy Faultheree

Melanie Walker.png

Melanie Walker

James Payne.png

James Payne

Mike Manuel.png

Mike Manuel

Greg Day.jpg

Greg Day

Joe Paul Nichols.png

Joe Paul Nichols

Jimmie Snow.jpg

Jimmie Snow

Joanne Cash.png

Joanne Cash

Gene Reasoner.png

Gene Reasoner

Gene Bradley.png

Gene Bradley

Doug DeRamus.png

Doug DeRamus

Tommy Smith.jpg

Tommy Smith

The Light Crust Doughboys.png

The Light Crust Doughboys

"We sing Praise unto Thy Name forever" Psalm 61:8

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